Java Developer in Berlin? Start your new job with a trip to New York!

We’re looking for a fulltime Junior Java Developer based in Berlin. Your first major task: Visit some of our clients in New York!

Are you looking for a challenging job that involves some customer interaction too? You’ve come to the right place! While we build our software in Berlin and don’t really have to visit clients, we actually enjoy saying hello every now and then. We’re developing a super smooth SAAS HR product, and popping over and listening to customer feedback helps us get even better. With most of our customers based in the US, why not jump on a plane to New York and add two or three days of vacation to round it off?

Obviously we’ll first want to see that you’re extremely good with Java or a comparable OOP language, and that your English is fluent. We don’t want to lose you in the Big Apple! It’s an entry-level position, but we expect you to have years of personal coding, some work experience (internships, freelance work) and also some proper projects of your own (games, apps, open-source projects, etc). Our work is challenging, so you need to be very good at coding and be able to demonstrate it. You’ll find details about the position on our careers page!

So, show us your passion for great code, make sure you have the 8 qualities of remarkable employees, and you could be on a plane to New York in as little as a month from now!

Good luck!
The Small Improvements Team

PS: You don’t have to go to New York of course 🙂 It’s just an option. We’re just as happy to spend the airfare on beer and pizza instead!
PPS: Some of our clients below. Check out their feedack here: