A Facelift for the Font Family

Today we’re excited to announce a new makeover for the Small Improvements application; a new font family! Please welcome “Avenir Next”!

Avenir Next - our new font

Sample Objective within Small Improvements

This is all part of our mission to create a more enjoyable, engaging and enticing experience for  Small Improvements users. The Design Team @ Small Improvements has had a big year; going responsiveupdating colours, icons and badges, and now for the final Christmas treat, we’ve introduced the smart, the elegant, the distinguished style of Avenir Next.

Watching our Weight

Part of the new font release has also included making better use of font weights (eg. Regular vs. Bold) – giving you a clearer view of what’s important on the page, and making it easier to scan the page with your eyes to find the right things.

Keeping it Uniform

In the past, the default SI font varied across devices. That’s because we used ‘system fonts’ only, so some users had Helvetica, some Arial, some had which ever default ‘sans-serif’ font their device had.

Now all users will share the same experience across all devices.

Sample Message within Small Improvements – with new typography



AMUSE Conference in Budapest


In October Kristof, Kolja and me visited the AMUSE conference in Budapest. First UX conference for all of us! We went to stay for a whole week and used the first days for a ‘User Interface Retreat’ in our apartment.


The AMUSE partners with the CRUNCH conference about big data and shares a lot of the infrastructure like catering. As a visitor of either of those conferences you could visit the other one. We used the chance to watch a talk by Andrea Burbank about A/B Testing.

In my opinion, some of the talks where not that convincing – shallow, full of buzzwords but lacking meaningful content. I came here to learn about UX, I do not need a motivational talk encouraging me to do it. I want guidance, case studies and new trends. Luckily, there also were really good talks. Here are the ones we enjoyed most:

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Hackathon3: An Angular Datepicker

We conducted our 3rd SI Hackathon on Feb 19th to Feb 20th. This is one of the hackathon results.


While searching for a nice datepicker for SI I figured out that there’s nothing that is really pleasing from both technical and aesthetical perspective. Either it is an jQuery wrapped thingy, or wrapped pickaday or if Angular-native, not ready for Angular 1.3. Plus, it would be really nice to have one that also reflects our special needs to pick multiple dates and multiple ranges and display it all in one place. I got Ingo onboard so we did this together.

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