Static Showdown Hackathon at Small Improvements

The Static Showdown is a virtual worldwide hackathon for frontend-engineers. Hacking is more fun together – thus we provide our Berlin office as a central hub during the competition.

The competition starts on Saturday, 8th of February, 1am Berlin time. You then have precisely 48 hours to develop your app. Anything that you can run on a static web server (just files, folks) without writing custom back-end code is allowed. Teams can be made of up to four people. See the official homepage for pricesrules and FAQ.

We will meet on Friday, 7th of February, at 8pm to get to know each other in our office. But the real hacking starts on Saturday morning, 9am with a nice breakfast. The competition ends on Sunday night / Monday morning at 1am.

We are based in Berlin Wedding (Exerzierstrasse 24, 13357 Berlin), have enough space for up to 20 people and will provide drinks and food.

We would love to hack with you, so be sure to do the following now:

– Register a team (Hurry, Registration Closes January 31st) and invite all of your team mates.

– Send us a quick note about about how many people are in your team so that we can plan accordingly.